• May 3, 2021
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Manufacturing facilities can greatly benefit from integrated security systems, as they can help protect your premises and employees while growing your business in a competitive market. Colossus Security provides exceptional facility security services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, as well as the U.S. to help you streamline daily processes more efficiently.

We are an experienced security integration company in Ontario that offers your manufacturing facility and warehouse 24/7 surveillance. When you install a verified security system, the chances of accidents and theft are significantly decreased, making your work environment a safe space for all employees. 

We provide a complete range of integrated solutions that can be tailored to the size of your manufacturing facility, complete with quality control cameras, mass notifications of unauthorized access, thermal imaging for critical systems and CCTV tracking. 

Find out how we can protect your facility by calling our experts at 1-888-204-8833!


Questions you need to ask yourself about your manufacturing facility’s security systems

Factories and manufacturing facilities can range in size, and the amount of staff employed – this is why we can help you customize your security solution through a number of important factors. These questions may include:

  • What is the square footage of my facility?
  • Are there any instances that you wish you could have captured on camera, such as an employee accident?
  • Are there any areas that are not visible and can be vulnerable to internal theft?
  • What kind of security measures do I currently have in place to benefit the facility?
  • How many employees are there per shift, and are there any ways in which security systems can benefit from the shift changes?
  • Is there a high demand for the product that my facility produces?
  • What is the largest security threat to my facility?


3 advantages of implementing reliable security systems

  1. Increased workplace safety. A surveillance camera can be strategically placed near machinery to monitor processes safely while increasing employee safety. Additionally, our integrated security solutions have state-of-the-art capabilities and high-definition quality to prevent any potential dangers.
  2. Preventing internal theft. Security solutions, specifically integrated camera systems, have been proven to discourage internal theft, as well as increase staff productivity because they know they are being constantly monitored. A complex security system will enable you to correctly identify thieves in the instance that criminal activity takes place.
  3. Surveillance monitoring amongst several platforms. Our integrated systems allow you to monitor your manufacturing facility without keeping you in a chair and in front of the screen all day. We can connect your surveillance cameras directly to your phone or any other device that makes it possible to check up on your daily processes wherever you are. If you have a large facility specifically, implementing surveillance across a range of platforms can help you manage multiple areas at the same time, and create a unified workplace.


Install high-end security systems for your manufacturing facility with our expert security integration company in Ontario!

Integrated security solutions can benefit your manufacturing establishment in vital ways. Aside from increasing staff safety and productivity, surveillance systems are also able to help you run your business more efficiently, prevent internal theft, increase profit and decrease problem areas in the workplace.

It’s time to install the highest security solutions in North America. Contact us today to book an appointment with one of our security professionals and get customized solutions perfect for your manufacturing organization!