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  • June 1, 2021
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The pharmaceutical industry is one that is vital to the health and being of North America, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our exceptional security company in Ontario provides extensive surveillance, increasing compliance and quality control within facilities across Canada and the U.S. while preventing any dangerous or suspicious activity outside the pharmaceutical premises.

Colossus Security provides superior pharmaceutical storage facilities security across Ontario and North America that can enhance risk management and reduce instances of mistakes. We take a look at how installing security solutions for pharmaceutical storage facilities can greatly benefit the staff, increase productivity and reduce suspicious internal and external activity.

Installing the right security surveillance and solutions will verify your institution and instantly make it more trustworthy within your staff and the public. Take the right protocols with us today and secure your daily business activities, while mitigating accidents and chances of suspicious activity. 

Pharmaceutical companies across the nation trust Colossus Security to deliver robust end-to-end security solutions that counter today’s industry vulnerabilities and security threats while staying compliant with the appropriate regulations and inspection protocols.


Multi-layered security solutions decrease negative facility circumstances 

A breach within a pharmaceutical facility or the risk of compromising the quality of the composition of pharmaceuticals can harm a company’s overall reputation, leading to the general public questioning the facility’s health regulations. High-security solutions are no longer a valuable recommendation, they are a vital component in ensuring that pharmaceutical facilities have a holistic approach to total security.

Here are some of the important ways that our security solutions can reduce challenges that facilities may encounter:

  • Internal or external theft of expensive materials and drugs
  • Compliance requirements not carried out to standard
  • The introduction of counterfeit drugs into the supply chain
  • Unauthorized access into the facility


Using security solutions outside the pharmaceutical premises

Video surveillance is an essential part of a multi-layered approach to the protection of pharmaceutical facilities and institutions. Due to the supremely detailed arrangements of pharmaceutical premises, everything from the process using raw materials to the specific delivery at distribution points to healthcare facilities and beyond.

High-security surveillance and CCTV solutions can prevent any risks or accidents that can originate outside of the building, and hold those accountable inside the premises. Pharmaceutical companies can further take advantage of superior video surveillance by identifying suspicious activities almost immediately and examining any hidden spots that are vulnerable to theft and other negative circumstances. 


Using security solutions inside pharmaceutical premises

The research and development of highly volatile and cautious items in drug-making demands superior surveillance. Video surveillance equipment has many excellent possibilities, in which you can benefit to enhance the security of your external facility. Here are some of the ways that security solutions outside can increase safety and decrease unfortunate circumstances:

  • Zooming in on areas of interest with live and recorded high-definition video
  • Reduced cost of implementing several cameras and instead, installing one security system that can combine the right footage and monitoring
  • Multi-layered security across the organization’s eternal property to ensure that all processes are carried out legally
  • Correctly identifying any culprits in case suspicious and dangerous activity does occur

Our security systems have been tried and tested by numerous markets across North America including manufacturing facilities, commercial premises and government institutions. The pharmaceutical market is one of the largest industries in North America, employing millions of employees and holding important assets and raw materials that need around-the-clock surveillance.


Take the proactive approach to safeguard your pharmaceutical business with our superior security company in Ontario and the U.S.!

Secure your pharmaceutical facility’s staff and assets by installing multi-layered security solutions customized to the size and requirements of your premise. 

Book your free consultation with one of our professionals and safeguard your property!