Hosted security solutions allow you to manage all of your security needs remotely

You can access hosted security solutions from anywhere, so you can view live or recorded video, add or delete users, and even open or lock doors with a push of a button without requiring expensive hardware or servers.

While Electronic Physical Security is crucial in today’s world, not every organization is willing to invest in the traditional infrastructure costs that encompass local servers and hardware. Most of these systems are limited to a specific number of doors or cameras, and usually, on-site personnel is needed at each location to react to events.

Colossus Security’s hosted security solutions help organizations of all sizes remove these obstacles, through easy to use, highly secure, and self-administered technology platform.

hosted security solutions

An Evolving Menu of Hosted Security Solutions

Colossus Security’s hosted technology offers the advantages of large-scale computing resources in an on-demand model, simplifying product and service delivery as well as minimizing cost. With our hosted security solutions, you can remotely manage your installed products or deploy an access control and event monitoring system.


Enhanced User Experiences

Our hosted systems transforms how you monitor and manage your deployments and is a platform for enhancing the user experience – making delivery of services more cost effective and efficient. Colossus Security is constantly deploying new and providing countless services such as virtual  credential acquisition and management, video stream sharing, remote mustering, communication with third-party systems and more.


Lower Cost Service and Maintenance

With processing power, maintenance and administration offloaded, traditional installation and maintenance expenses are a thing of the past. Leveraging our hosted security solutions reduces your upfront investment and minimizes the need for IT support. And, as a shared asset, hosting allows us to provide you with feature-rich services at a lower cost.


Critical System Information on Demand

Maintaining security and situational awareness is an around-the-clock effort, so it’s critical to stay on top of the status and health of your security systems. Our hosted services offer health monitoring, system administration and real-time alerts to make sure you’re always informed and able to address any issues in a timely manner.

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Highly Secure Hosted Security Solutions

All of our services and your system information are stored securely in a means that comply with regulatory and audit standards. Communication between our hosted security solutions and your products and services are encrypted under the most up-to-date protocols, as well as actively monitored.

Hosted Security Solutions - CCTV

Our hosted CCTV systems integrate seamlessly with our hosted access control, by layering these services together you can get a truly powerful system. The cameras can however be completely stand-alone, and you can access it through the same interface as the hosted access control system. This means if you choose to initially implement only one system, when you add the other, there is nothing new to learn, we simply add on the features into the same intuitive app.

Accessible anywhere and everywhere 24/7

The system is designed to be scalable, from a single camera at a single location to thousand of cameras for locations around the world. Our hosted CCTV makes it easy to scale, and more affordable than a traditional CCTV system that grows out of date and unusable. You are not bound to one camera manufacture; most IP camera manufactures integrate seamlessly with our systems which means if you have already made an investment, we can most likely reuse most of the equipment and just install the Gateway Storage to connect.

You can access your video from anywhere (browser, tablet or smartphone), giving you the freedom to react no matter where you are, viewing live and recorded footage in less than a few touches. In addition, our gateway storage feature ensures you are never without your footage, if your internet connection goes down the footage is safe and secure within your facility recording 24/7.

hosted security solutions

Taking CCTV to the next level:

View live and recorded video from each camera from anywhere/anytime

  • No need for a PC or Client on-site
  • Easy setup
  • Gateway Storage – never be without
  • Event notifications and alerts
  • Realtime health monitoring
  • Responsive technical support and customer service

When you choose to host your CCTV system it makes everyone’s life easier, there are not updates to servers, no firmware updates that are required to do locally, we take care of everything for you, when new features or upgrades are released,  they are immediately added for you, no scheduling or getting caught with outdated  software. Additionally, if you require more, we are able to offer 24/7 monitoring of your critical areas, 24/7 support, and hardware upgrade model that ensures every 5 years your system gets refreshed with new equipment.

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