• April 1, 2021
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With COVID-19 restrictions allowing for in-store shopping to be opened once again, any retail store’s primary goal is to ensure that its security system can prevent theft and loss prevention. The right security integration company in Ontario and the U.S. can help you reduce chances of stealing, protect your store’s assets while continuously providing high-standard security for your staff and customers.

Colossus Security provides you with end-to-end exceptional retail security systems in Ontario following your retail establishment’s unique needs. Video analytics offer valuable opportunities to leverage data captured by your retail network and analyze the data for maximum efficiency.

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How can integrated security systems help my retail business?

Retail stores and establishments can significantly benefit from integrated security solutions, as they can streamline responses and process decision-making capabilities more smoothly. Our retail operations security services in Ontario provide measurable values and real-time data as a manager or owner of your retail business. 

Video surveillance and data can provide your retail location with viable customer demographics and can help you improve your business profits. Let’s take a look at how our exceptional integrated security solutions can optimize your retail operations.


7 Ways Integrated Security Solutions Help Your Retail Establishment

  1. Improves Checkout Line Management
    With more openings of retail stores and larger customer capacities, checkout lines are becoming longer. With video surveillance, your store management can promptly alert additional staff to each register for a faster checkout process. 
  2. Direction Detection
    COVID-19 protocols state that all retail stores must have clear in and out signs and protocols and traffic moving in one way to avoid the spreading of the virus. Video surveillance detects people going the wrong way and alerts store management of improper walking patterns.
  3. Traffic Patterns
    Retail business owners can utilize their integrated security solutions to detail customer patterns – what areas are high traffic spots, where they stop for long periods and what products they are looking at. Traffic pattern analysis can help reduce highly congested areas and reduce inefficient shopping atmospheres.
  4. Reduces Loss Prevention
    Inventory shrinkage and loss in profits contribute to internal and external theft. Video surveillance reduces instances of shoplifting by highlighting suspicious activity as it happens. When a shoplifting attempt is made, security staff and store employees can promptly rush to the scene and prevent it from happening.
  5. Preventing Internal Theft
    75% of employees would steal from their workplace if they knew they would never get caught, according to 2020 statistics.
    That astonishing percentage can drastically be reduced with the implementation of exceptional integrated security systems. The presence of video surveillance alone can help deter internal theft and capture visual evidence of staff stealing from their place of employment.
  6. Provide Valuable Customer Service Information
    Video surveillance can bring a positive aspect to the customer experience. With the help of integrated security cameras, shop owners and managers can monitor the store staff’s activities and ensure that employees are providing the best possible service for every customer.
  7. Properly Identifying Criminals
    In case theft occurs, or a more severe circumstance involving staff and customer altercation, CCTV surveillance can help store managers and owners identify the culprits. Our video surveillance records and saves footage so that you can correctly catch the people involved in the unlawful act.


Decrease Loss Prevention and Enhance Security in Your Retail Business with Superior Retail Security Systems in Ontario

Complete security solutions and systems for your retail establishment can reduce loss prevention, enhance customer and staff safety and streamline daily operation. We can help protect your retail store’s assets and deter potential theft with our full range of dependable security solutions.

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