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Colossus Security provides over 100 years of combined experience with a successful track record and serves as a testament to our dedication in providing sound security solutions. We take pride in delivering innovative solutions that keep our clients at the forefront of our efforts.

Cost-effective and rapidly implemented, our portfolio of security solutions is unsurpassed in terms of accuracy, reliability, functionality and design, a validation that Colossus Security has earned the trust and loyalty of its clients, industry consultants and engineers.

Colossus Security Inc. prides itself on being a sole source to its clients by offering the full gamut of state-of-the-art electronic security, such as:
  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Intrusion
  • Perimeter Detection
  • Mass Notification
  • Intercom
  • Panic Stations (e.g. Code Blue)
  • Radar (Commercial, and Military Grade)
  • Audio (security related)
  • Biometrics
  • Visitor Management
  • Mobile Surveillance trailers
  • Autonomous Drones
  • Turnstiles
  • AI and Analytic Software (LPR, Facial Recognition, Assembly Line Tracking, Container Tracking, etc.)
  • Motorized Gates and Traffic
  • Anti-Drone Detection

Putting the Client First Meeting Your Needs

Founded by Jarrod Budd, with 20 years of experience in the industry, found an area where the security industry should be, but the companies within the industry were lacking. As such it was needed to design a company to facilitate the needs of Small to Enterprise clients and protect their people and assets with traditional market means but by using a consultative approach that puts the client first; to find the best way to meet their needs by selecting the right products and services to get the job done while staying within corporations’ tight budgets.

This means that the solution isn’t just in a portfolio a company may have available to them. It means saying the hard things, doing the right things and ensuring the client is getting what they need, when they need it, from whom they need it (even if that is not Colossus) and not just helping the bank account of the integrator. Partnership between integrator and client is key to the successful relationship and not just a race to the bottom line.

State of the Art Equipment

In addition to helping SME and Enterprise clients, Colossus Security provides a completely different level of protection to Governments, Military, and the Largest of Industries by providing Military Grade protection using the most state of the art classified equipment.

The effects of this involvement within these types of industries allows Colossus to commercialize some of its offerings to a commercial environment, notably Drones, AntiDrones and 3D radar.



Jarrod is a security professional with more than 20 years in the industry. Over the years, he has obtained extensive knowledge in all realms of electronic security. His experience ranges from custom residential to large scale systems and specializes in large complex integrated solutions.

“The client’s needs always come first, and the right solution is the only solution, even if it doesn’t fit into my proverbial box.” This thinking has been the main reason for Jarrod’s success and continues to drive him today. He has shared this mantra with the teams he has led throughout the years and is the primary reason for creating Colossus Security after finding most of the industry didn’t share in his view.

The focus is on doing security the right way, which means providing the right products and the right solution and not succumbing to bad habits or cutting corners to make an extra dollar. A buildings security system is the first line of defence. The actions integrators take can severely impact the security of people and the businesses served.

Transparency, honesty and accountability are what he expects daily in his life, from his family, friends and coworkers. In turn, he and Colossus provides the same to the clients and all the people around him.

Jarrod’s desire for knowledge and focus on the future allows him the ability to stay on top of emerging trends in the industry. He can shift resources as needed to accommodate the needs of his clients, as new options become available in the marketplace.



As a National Account Manager, Richard has proven successful track record with over 5 years of security experience. Transitioning over from the service side, Richard has the experience and knowledge of customer needs which allows him to build unique solutions for his customers. He is relationship based, ensuring that every interaction results in a long lasting relationship. His commitment to always putting the customer first is visible through his proven success. Richard is a motivator, ensuring that his team, Colossus Security is working towards the same goals.



Dynamic, tenacious, over-achieving and distinguished Sales Executive with a proven track record of building long term relationships.



Results-oriented, driven and innovative leader with extensive experience in operations on a national level. Proven strategic planner and operations management expertise advancing business objectives. Collaborative and highly organized; able to effectively execute tasks and accomplish projects with timeliness. An organized, detail-oriented and conscientious self-starter, able to strategize and prioritize effectively to accomplish multiple tasks and remain calm under pressure.

High-integrity leader with the ability to envision and create successful outcomes in complex and challenging situations. Articulate, engaging communicator, ability to establish rapport with external and internal customers at all organizational levels. Hands on leadership style with the ability to develop, implement and communicate a corporate vision and motivate team to success.



IT Manager



Paulina began her security career in 2009 working at Citibank in the security and investigation department. By assisting with the physical security for all Canadian sites and credit card investigations, Paulina gained a great amount of experience both in the security industry as well as customer service.

With over 10 years experience in customer service and physical security, Paulina has demonstrated leadership skills, and always putting clients’ needs first. Paulina continued her career in physical security working at various companies continuing to develop her knowledge and skills on new technologies and market trends.

As a member of the Colossus team, Paulina continues to provide excellent customer service throughout her day to day interactions, along with project management and assisting with administrative tasks.



Always happy, and no matter what your mood is she will get a smile out of you, yes this could be taken as a bet.  Alicia takes care of most of the administration around the office, and is generally the first to answer the phones because she can’t wait to talk to you!

Additionally, she handles all of our ULC, and Intrusion systems for our clients, updating systems, putting on test and is our point person to deal with the monitoring stations.

Our Philosophy

At Colossus our primary goal is to provide you with the power to better your facility and make your life easier.

How we do this is simple, we Consult, Conceptualize, and Customize each solution to provide Comfort, Convenience and Control to you and your users.

To ensure the utmost client satisfaction we follow these simple yet powerful priciples in everything we do.

01. Stakeholder-Centric

Doing good is good business, which means profit is not the end goal but a result of doing great work.

02. Deliver the WOW

We personalize our service by doing the unexpected and always adding the “and”.  We anticipate needs and wants of all parties involved. We will always under promise and over deliver.

03. Kaizen

We always systematically seek to achieve small, incremental changes in processes to improve efficiency and quality.

04. Dynamic

Being positive, progressing forward, and thoroughly enjoying what we do.

Our Mission

Colossus Security is passionate about providing convenient personalized security solutions to help meet client’s diverse needs.

Our years of extensive experience provides the guidance necessary to simplify complex implementation processes.

Our service satisfaction is governed by our core values. We are very forthcoming with our clients and are always prepared to answer inquiries.

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