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At Colossus Security, we bring together a wealth of over 100 years of collective experience, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to delivering robust security solutions. Our focus is squarely on safeguarding your interests, and we take pride in continually offering innovative solutions tailored to keep you at the forefront of security.

Our portfolio of integrated security solutions stands as a testament to our dedication. These solutions are designed to be both cost-effective and swiftly implemented while maintaining unparalleled levels of accuracy, reliability, functionality, and design excellence. This track record speaks to the trust and loyalty we’ve earned from our valued clients, industry experts, and dedicated engineers. At Colossus Security, we are here to meet your security needs with excellence and dedication.


Integrated Security Solutions
Colossus Security Inc. prides itself on being a sole source to its clients by offering the full gamut of state-of-the-art integrated security solutions, such as:
  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Intrusion
  • Perimeter Detection
  • Mass Notification
  • Intercom
  • Panic Stations (e.g. Code Blue)
  • Radar (Commercial, and Military Grade)
  • Audio (security related)
  • Biometrics
  • Visitor Management
  • Mobile Surveillance trailers
  • Autonomous Drones
  • Turnstiles
  • AI and Analytic Software (LPR, Facial Recognition, Assembly Line Tracking, Container Tracking, etc.)
  • Motorized Gates and Traffic
  • Anti-Drone Detection

Putting the Client First Meeting Your Needs

Picture this: Jarrod Budd, a security industry maven with two decades of experience, saw a gap in the world of security. It was a place where the industry should be, but the existing players weren’t quite hitting the mark. So, what did he do? He decided to craft a company that caters to everyone, from small businesses to massive enterprises, and focuses on safeguarding people and assets.

But here’s the kicker: it’s not just about throwing a bunch of security gadgets together from some standard portfolio. Nope, it’s about having those crucial conversations, making the right choices, and, most importantly, putting you, the client, front and center. We’re all about finding the perfect mix of products and services to get the job done while keeping a watchful eye on those tight budgets.

In a world where security isn’t just about the bells and whistles, we’re here to say the hard things, do the right things, and ensure that you get precisely what you need, precisely when you need it. And guess what? It doesn’t matter if “it” isn’t from Colossus. Our goal is to be your partner in this security dance, not just another integrator looking to fill its coffers. So, let’s make it about the partnership, not the bottom line. Your security journey is about to get a whole lot more fun, informative, and client-centric.

State of the Art Equipment

Prepare for a security upgrade like no other! While we’ve got your SMEs and Enterprises covered, brace yourselves because Colossus Security takes it up a notch when it comes to safeguarding Governments, Military, and the Big Players. We’re talking Military Grade protection here, folks, complete with the latest, most classified equipment you can lay your hands on.

Now, here’s where it gets really exciting. Our deep involvement in these high-stakes industries has unlocked the door to some seriously cool tech. Think drones, anti-drones, and 3D radar that can rock your world. And guess what? We’re not keeping these goodies to ourselves. We’re bringing them to the commercial arena, where the security game is about to reach a whole new level of high-tech, military grade awesomeness, and fun!

Integrated Security Solutions - Richard Appleyard - Colossus Security

Director- Client Services

Meet Richard, a seasoned professional with an impressive decade-long journey in the security industry. His unique background sets him apart, having initially honed his skills on the service side of the business. Richard’s ability to empathize with customer needs allows him to craft tailor-made security solutions, cementing lasting relationships with clients. His commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction is unwavering, as evidenced by his consistent success. Richard is not just a manager; he’s a motivator, inspiring the entire Colossus Security team to work harmoniously towards shared goals.

Richard’s extensive knowledge extends beyond security, encompassing operations and people management, making him a true asset to his clients. His meticulous attention to detail, coupled with a wide network of industry connections, ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to safeguarding your interests. Moreover, his resourcefulness and analytical thinking give him a distinct edge in problem-solving.

Beyond his professional life, Richard is a multifaceted individual. With a passion for music, he’s known as “Dick Richie” in the Hamilton music scene, having entertained audiences for over two decades. Richard’s love for motorcycles and his tattoo addiction reflect his adventurous spirit and zest for life. In Richard, you’ll find a dedicated, knowledgeable, and relationship-driven professional ready to provide top-tier security solutions tailored just for you.

Integrated Security Solutions - David Butterworth - Colossus Security

Business Development Manager

A seasoned security practitioner whose dedication is to fortify businesses and ensure their safety and security. Hands-on experience, which serves as his secret weapon in crafting and implementing highly effective security solutions. These solutions are not one-size-fits-all; rather, they are meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of a diverse clientele.

With a solid educational foundation in Law and Security Administration, complemented by a wealth of career experience, David has earned a reputation for delivering proven and impactful security solutions consistently. His expertise goes beyond the confines of traditional security. His educational background and extensive research in fields such as Political Science, public administration, and international relations bring an elevated level of understanding to security and legal matters. His expertise spans not only local and national but also international contexts.

Within the realm of security, David specializes in:

  • Conducting thorough security assessments, leaving no stone unturned.
  • Crafting bespoke security technology solutions tailored to each client.
  • Implementing Systems for unwavering protection.
Integrated Security Solutions - Isfan Prebtani - - Colossus Security

Business Development Manager

Passionate and results-oriented professional, dedicated to building meaningful connections and nurturing lasting relationships with clients. With a knack for seizing exciting opportunities, I’ve consistently delivered exceptional value and helped businesses grow by putting customers at the center of everything.

My journey has been marked by a commitment to understanding client needs, tailoring solutions, and going the extra mile to ensure their success. Whether it’s identifying opportunities for mutual growth, providing dedicated support, or spearheading strategies to enhance customer satisfaction, I’m always in the pursuit of excellence.

Let’s connect and explore how I can help your business thrive. Your success and satisfaction are my ultimate goals, and I can’t wait to be a trusted partner in your journey.

Russ1 (1)

Business Development Manager

In a world where security is paramount, one name stands out above the rest: Russ, the Security Superhero! 💥 With nearly two decades of experience thwarting threats and safeguarding businesses, Russ is the ultimate action hero in the battle against chaos and crime.

Armed with his formidable skills in access control, CCTV surveillance, and intrusion systems, Russ is a force to be reckoned with. His mastery of security technology is matched only by his unwavering dedication to keeping businesses safe from harm.

But Russ isn’t just a one-dimensional hero; in his off time, he’s a coach, molding the next generation of champions on the football field. His commitment to both security and community shines through, making him a true icon of protection and inspiration.

Join Russ on an adrenaline-fueled adventure as he faces down danger and defends the indefensible. With Russ on the case, businesses can rest easy knowing that their security is in the hands of a true action hero.

Integrated Security Solutions - Alicia Blackman - Colossus Security

Business Development

Alicia is a multi-faceted individual who has crafted a unique blend of skills and passions. Her educational journey led her through Computer Science at Carleton and Brock University, as well she graduated with honors in Business Accounting from Niagara College. Beyond her academic achievements, Alicia’s personal interests are diverse. She’s achieved a WSET Level 2 certification; knowing that she may never get to Level 4 (because all the fun goes away after Level 3) and has a profound appreciation for wines and spirits. Simultaneously, she’s pursuing her Private Pilot License (PPL) for fixed-wing aircraft through aviation school, showcasing her adventurous spirit.

Alicia’s character is a rich tapestry of traits. She’s a resourceful, analytical self-starter, equally comfortable working independently or in a team. Her outgoing and personal nature, combined with her kindness and caring demeanor, make her a true people-pleaser. Alicia is deeply security-focused, understanding the importance of safeguarding what matters most. Her innate drive to help others, coupled with her out-of-the-box thinking, paints her as a force for good in any endeavor.

In her professional life, Alicia has spent three years in the security industry, solidifying her commitment to safety and protection. She excels as a relationship builder, allowing her to connect with some of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts. This network gives her unparalleled access to answers and insights at remarkable speed. Alicia’s dedication to security, paired with her extensive connections, positions her as a valuable asset in any security-related context.

Integrated Security Solutions - Jarrod Budd - Colossus Security


Meet Jarrod, the driving force behind Colossus Security, your trusted partner in the realm of security. With over two decades of unparalleled expertise in electronic physical security, Jarrod has garnered worldwide acclaim as the premier authority in addressing your security challenges. His extensive knowledge and track record of success make him the trusted choice for clients seeking top-tier security solutions.

In a world where security concerns are ever-evolving, Jarrod stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. He’s not your run-of-the-mill security guy; he’s a trailblazer who thrives on pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. With a laser focus on putting clients’ needs first, Jarrod’s commitment to excellence ensures that he never settles for anything less than perfection.

Inspired by the iconic Colossus of Rhodes, an ancient wonder symbolizing both protection and strength, Jarrod founded Colossus Security. Much like the legendary statue of Helios, the sun god, standing tall and vigilant over land and sea, Jarrod embodies an unwavering commitment to safeguarding your most valuable assets. As the visionary founder of Colossus Security, Jarrod chose the name to reflect this dedication, recognizing the significance of the Colossus as a symbol of guardianship and fortitude. Through Colossus Security, Jarrod aims to convey the message that his company serves as a protector, offering unparalleled security solutions to clients worldwide.

But Jarrod’s impact extends far beyond the walls of Colossus Security. He’s a trusted advisor and problem-solver, sought out globally for his expertise and insight. With Jarrod on your side, you can trust that your security concerns will be handled with the utmost care, expertise, and dedication to your peace of mind. Welcome to the world of Jarrod and Colossus Security, where security isn’t just a job—it’s a mission.

Integrated Security Solutions - Paulina Kolodziej - Colossus Security


Introducing Paulina, our esteemed Vice President at Colossus Security. With a dynamic career spanning over a decade, she brings an impressive array of strengths to our team.

Paulina’s journey in the security industry began in 2009, and she quickly established herself as a go-getter and a problem-solving dynamo. Her dependability and amazing dedication to clients’ needs are unmatched, making her a true asset. With her extensive knowledge of the industry, Paulina is your go-to expert for all your security requirements.

Paulina’s educational background in human resource management further enhances her organizational skills and project management capabilities. She embodies kindness, care, and a strong customer focus, ensuring that every interaction with Colossus Security is a stellar experience. With Paulina leading the way, you can trust that our team is committed to providing top-notch security solutions while staying ahead of industry trends and technologies.

Integrated Security Solutions - Carlos Wilson - Colossus Security

IT Manager - GURU

Carlos is the embodiment of expertise in Information and Communication Technology. With over a decade of experience, he has excelled in roles ranging from System Administrator to IT Technical Trainer. His dedication to simplifying complex tech concepts makes him a valuable asset.

As a ‘team player,’ Carlos thrives under pressure and tackles challenges as opportunities for growth. His track record of enhancing performance and reputation in every organization he joins is a testament to his commitment to excellence.

Carlos’s passion for staying at the forefront of technological advancements ensures that he’s always ready to guide your organization toward innovation and success. Choose Colossus Security and let Carlos lead you into a future of seamless and secure IT solutions.

Richard Payne

Richard P
Technical Project Manager

Meet Richard, the Security Guru at Colossus Security, your ultimate guardian against all threats! With over three decades of unmatched expertise in security and life safety, Richard is the go-to expert for all your security needs. From IoT logistics to smart city surveillance, Richard commands respect and admiration with his extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in a myriad of security domains.

As a Technical Project Manager, Richard seamlessly integrates CCTV systems, access control, and a plethora of security measures, ensuring every aspect of your business remains impenetrable. Beyond his professional prowess, Richard’s passions extend to the fast lane, where he’s a skilled car enthusiast, building his own track cars in his spare time. A dedicated fitness enthusiast, he keeps himself in top-notch shape, ready to tackle any challenge head-on.

With Richard leading the charge, you can trust that your security concerns are in capable hands. So, if you’re seeking a security expert who combines expertise with passion and dedication, look no further than Richard at Colossus Security.


Master Electrician

Mike is a highly skilled Master Electrician renowned for consistently delivering projects with precision, punctuality, and budgetary efficiency. With 19 years of managerial experience, Mike has honed his expertise as a foreman overseeing complex projects. Notable among his accomplishments are The Hamilton Police Forensic Building, The Milton Hospital, The Oakville Hospital, and the successful management of seven high-rise constructions, ranging from 4 to 21 stories in height.

Mike’s commitment to excellence extends to his active membership in the Niagara Electrical League (NEA). He possesses a valid 309A construction and maintenance certificate, underscoring his in-depth knowledge of electrical systems. Mike places paramount importance on safety and industry compliance, evident through his certifications in first aid, WHMIS, Working at Heights, Scissor/Boom Lift operation, P.O.S.T training, and Hot Work Training. When you work with Mike, you can expect meticulous attention to detail, adherence to industry standards, and a track record of projects completed with precision, timeliness, and adherence to budget constraints.

With Mike at the helm of your electrical project, you can count on a masterful approach to problem-solving, technical competence, and unwavering dedication to ensuring that the job is done right, on time, and within budget. His extensive experience and commitment to excellence provide clients with the assurance that their electrical projects will be executed with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency.

Our Philosophy

At Colossus, our mission is as clear as day: we’re all about equipping you with the tools to elevate your facility and simplify your life.

So, what’s our secret sauce, you ask? It’s a three-step dance we like to call “Consult, Conceptualize, and Customize.” We take your unique needs and craft tailored solutions that bring you the trifecta of goodness: Comfort, Convenience, and Control. It’s all about making your world a better place, one security solution at a time.

We’re not just throwing these words around lightly. These principles are the backbone of everything we do. Our goal is to leave you not just satisfied but over the moon with the security solutions we provide.

Welcome to Colossus, where your peace of mind and convenience are our top priorities!

01. Stakeholder-Centric

Doing good is good business, which means profit is not the end goal but a result of doing great work.

02. Deliver the WOW

We personalize our service by doing the unexpected and always adding the “and”.  We anticipate needs and wants of all parties involved. We will always under promise and over deliver.

03. Kaizen

We always systematically seek to achieve small, incremental changes in processes to improve efficiency and quality.

04. Dynamic

Being positive, progressing forward, and thoroughly enjoying what we do.

Our Mission

At Colossus Security, our passion drives us to deliver personalized integrated security solutions that empower our clients and exceed their diverse needs.

With our wealth of experience, we not only guide but also simplify the most intricate implementation processes, making your security journey smoother and more effective than ever.

Our unwavering commitment to service excellence is deeply rooted in our core values. We’re not just forthcoming; we’re your dedicated partners, always ready to provide you with the answers and support you seek. Together, we build a safer and more secure future.

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