In partnership with Oasis USA and Hoverfly, Colossus Security provides tether-powered aerial drones and third-party power tether kits for customers who need unlimited aerial surveillance, intelligence, reconnaissance (ISR) capability. Hoverfly’s range of sensors and payloads provide actionable intelligence and high-bandwidth communications. Unlike battery-powered drones that have 20-40-minute flight times, Hoverfly’s products can fly for hours, days and weeks to enhance the overall public safety and security operating picture.

Based on Hoverfly’s five-button fully automatic flight control system, proven positive control power-tether technology, and non-GPS operating capability, the Hoverfly LiveSky has been approved by the FAA to fly in Class B airspace.

multiple configurations and 24/7 persistence

Hoverfly systems offer a perfect temporary, mobile, or unlimited aerial day/night EO/IR camera available today. Flying up to 200’ above its launch point, LiveSky provides dual video streams over h.264 networks with AMAG SPP compatible interfaces. Electro-Optical Zoom and Infrared communications payloads are available, making Hoverfly LiveSky perfect for extending the outer layer of security and spotting trouble well beyond the physical perimeter. Hoverfly tether-powered drones work in fixed, portable, or on-the-move mobile configurations and have unrivaled 24/7 persistence.

Dual video streams over ethernet which means high resolution 1920 x 1080 HDTV video. Data is secure over the tether, so it can’t be spoofed, hacked or jammed. Hoverfly’s Software Development Kit (SDK) allows simple integration with existing Physical Security Information Management Systems and Video Management Systems. Hoverfly is an AMAG Security Preferred Partner meaning our technology integrates with hundreds of AMAG video management and AMAG Symmetry System partners.

Drone Detection

Security systems are being challenged more than ever before, and cheap drones bring a whole new threat dimension – literally. Critical infrastructure, borders, and smart cities now need to be protected in 3D, making existing 2D ground-only security systems inadequate for modern threat profiles.

Echodyne’s radars are rapidly deployable and software configurable, providing security and safety for fixed sites and temporary events alike. It’s the indispensable sensor for every multi-layered security solution.


The system constantly scans large volumes of airspace for intrusions, threats, and anomalous activity. As the primary sensor in multilayered Counter UAS (CUAS) solutions, our radar protects critical infrastructure, borders, correctional facilities, stadiums, downtown parks, waterfronts, parades, concerts, government buildings, public spaces, and other permanent or temporary sites against any intrusion in 3D.

Guard Perimeters in 3D

Industrial espionage now includes drones equipped to hack computer networks and take high resolution images of sensitive facilities. Many perimeters are inadequately protected from ground threats and have little to no protection from airborne threats. Echodyne radars are the primary all-weather sensor for Security Integrators building intelligent defenses for national borders, critical infrastructure and sensitive commercial facilities.

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