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  • November 9, 2021
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If you own a large building with spacious property, you need extensive security to cover and secure the perimeter. An effective security system with integrated technology such as CCTVs, Access Control Systems, and Perimeter Detection can make sure all eyes are on your real estate and record anyone that breaches it. As a reliable provider of hosted managed security services in North America, our team at Colossus Security delivers security systems of the highest standard to each facility and its occupants. We provide reliable property management security services to help you manage all your security needs. 

Winter can be especially harsh for CCTV security cameras, so we’ll go into detail as to how you can keep them working in freezing temperatures and why they’re so important during the winter. We’ll also explain why your security measures should be enhanced during the winter, especially if you own a residential building. 


Why is Security Surveillance Important During The Winter?

Having an effective security surveillance system In the winter is important because the days are shorter and the temperature drops. This means there’s less light around your property and it becomes easier for intruders to break in, especially if there are dark spots or gaps within your perimeter. If you want to make your property less inviting to them, here are some quick tips on maintaining your security: 


Use Signs and Decals

Believe it or not, sticking a sign or decal signaling the property is protected by a security system can deter most criminals from breaking and entering. Moreover, adding signs that indicate dogs are guarding the premises also helps. Place signs or decals where they will be most visible in places like front doors, storefronts, loading docks, etc. 


Increase Visibility Everywhere

Remove any potential blind spots by trimming trees or shrubs that people can hide behind. You can also install an above-ground freestanding light to spotlight any intruders. These lights are often installed around building corners or under/above windows. For maximum security, the lights should have motion sensor technology to shine on anyone not supposed to be there.  


Install Additional Fencing

By adding more fencing around your perimeter, you can protect equipment such as meters, HVAC equipment, and transformers among others. You can also install fencing in areas such as the parking lot or loading dock of your building. We recommend adding chain link fences because they can be secured with heavy padlocks and ragged wires to prevent criminals from climbing over. 

Of course, there’s only so much you can install and purchase to boost security around your property. One of the most effective methods is outdoor security cameras and we’ll explain how to keep them working during the winter. 


Do Outdoor Cameras Work During Freezing Temperatures?

Outdoor CCTV cameras can be very durable under the harshest circumstances, but there are several components to making sure your outdoor camera works in the cold and keeping them from breaking down. 

One of them is making sure the camera has the correct IP rating system. It helps determine the effectiveness of the camera in different conditions and should properly reflect them. Cameras operating in cold temperatures need at least a rating of IP66 to withstand harsh conditions that involve snow and sleet. In this case, seals can loosen, so regularly check them to make sure they are properly mounted. 

Humidity can also cause condensation to form inside the camera and transform to frost. Because of this, you should be cautious if you’re moving the camera from a cold area to a warm one because it could short circuit its internal components. 

Additionally, you should also consider installing temperature tolerant camera systems to make sure they keep working during the winter. Double-checking the temperature rating can be all it takes to make sure outdoor cameras are up and running. Two components to this are the camera’s storage and operating temperature. 

The storage temperature is the level at which the equipment can be safely stored when turned off. The operating temperature measures the air of the environment when it’s turned on. If a camera is used in a colder temperature setting, you should warm it up in another environment with the power off until it reaches sufficient temperature levels.  


Why Should Security Measures Be Enhanced In The Winter in Residential Buildings?

As we discussed before, enhancing your security in the winter protects your property or residential building much better than if you didn’t have any improved measures. With improved lighting and extensive security cameras installed in various areas, there is little space for intruders to break in. Moreover, if they do invade your property, you’ll be able to record them with the camera and notify authorities faster if you catch them in the act. 

Take charge of your security for your property today and rely on Colossus Security to help you out today.