Visitor Management
  • December 8, 2021
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With the holidays just around the corner and celebrations starting to kick in, you need to find a way to properly facilitate all the guests coming into your residential property. Ensuring their overall safety while providing a good time is important to having gatherings everyone can enjoy – one of the things that can help you with this is an intrusion detection and visitor management system. You can incorporate it as part of your overall facility security services and other security solutions that benefit residential buildings. 

Colossus Security is fully dedicated to giving you the highest standard security services for you and your guests. We’re experienced in every aspect of hosted management solutions through the use of access cards, CCTV cameras, and integrated visitor management systems. We’ll explain the purpose of such systems and examples of them put to best practice. We’ll also expand on how our team at Colossus Security implements these exceptional systems.  


What Is The Purpose Of A Visitor Management System?

The purpose of a visitor management system is to process and monitor people as they move through and out of your building. If your party will be busy with loads of visitors, this type of system is useful in tracking who comes in and exits in order to smoothly facilitate foot traffic. They can also be useful in recording different service people coming into your building such as technicians, contract workers, and delivery personnel. 

In the past, basic visitor management was done with pen, paper, and human security officers present. This, however, took too much time and effort to implement day in and day out. With our advanced visitor management system, it’ll be easier to track your visitors and provide many benefits for your residential property. 

Some of these benefits include increased corporate security and reduced operational costs. It also allows your reception to be automated and perform other tasks related to their work. Moreover, it greatly saves time for your visitors and maintains their confidentiality should they wish to remain anonymous. 

A visit management system also provides real-time logging information and personnel tracking. Instant notifications will also be sent to the right people if a security incident occurs with the right evacuation procedures added in. This ensures the guests’ safety throughout the celebration and protects them from harm. 


What Are Some Of The Best Visitor Management Systems?

Visitor management systems can take many forms, but the main purpose of them is to secure residential prosperity and record everyone coming in and out. Electronic logbooks are one such method that offers many advantages over paper and pen logs. It makes searching for a visitor so much easier and saves you hours of trying to find their information. The searchable data from logbooks can also show information about how often guests visit, who they visit, and how long they’ll be staying. 

Visitor screening is another provision to visitor management systems that allow residential owners to learn more about the guests on their property. gain further insights into those individuals accessing their property. You can use these in conjunction with ID scanning that speeds up the registration process by filling in information automatically. If there are any data entry errors, it also reduces duplicated records caused by them. 

A visitor management system also helps with pre-registration for people expecting many visitors. This makes it easier for them to mark their spots beforehand and be notified when visitors arrive. The pre-registration process also makes sure the visitor is allowed on the premises by cross-referencing their name with a prohibited visitor list. If you need to print temporary visitor badges, colour-coded systems with different classifications can make the process much easier. 

With all these applications to consider, we’ll explain how our Colossus Security team puts these systems to good use for your residence. 


How Does Colossus Security Implement Exceptional Residential Visitor Management Systems?

Colossus Security offers 24/7 management and administration that provides hassle-free protection services and visitor management systems. We offer integrated systems that can discreetly blend in with your traditional methods of visitor management and security detail. Your safety is our top priority and we want to enrich your security options without taking away the experience of your guests. 

We bring years of experience to deliver the best possible security solutions for your residential building. Protect your guests at a celebration today by contacting Colossus Security and learning more about our extensive visitor management systems.