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  • October 18, 2021
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Think about the city you live in – does it have a thriving restaurant life? If you have a long-lasting and loyal place that you go to regularly, the restaurant most likely will have a strong surveillance system in place. If your favourite food joint has existed for more than 5 years, there is a 98% chance it is currently using video surveillance to operate.

Video surveillance is an outstanding preventative solution for restaurants to enhance their overall comprehensive security measures. Colossus Security provides you with exceptional hosted managed security services that give you the advantage of keeping all eyes on the operations of your food business, from all employees, customers and visitors entering and exiting your restaurant. Wherever you are.


Reduce ‘dine and dash’ instances

Integrated security systems mitigate the acts of theft, vandalism and non-paying individuals that can negatively impact your business. When you pair up with our trusted security company, you will be able to deter numerous problems and use accurate security camera footage to streamline incident investigation and resolution.

Video surveillance is an efficient resource in proving suspects after a dining and dashing occurrence – no amount of subjective evidence can discredit accurate objective video footage.


Provide a strategic approach to internal and external daily restaurant operations

Investing in integrated security solutions for your restaurant and food business is a critical step in monitoring your daily operations. Apart from providing you with 24/7 surveillance, you are also equipping your personnel with actionable insights into health and safety regulations, making managers more proactive and staff more efficient.

While there is no denying that investing in integrated surveillance solutions can be costly at first, the long-term financial and operational benefits are well worth spending the initial cost. Restaurants can avoid paying large sums of money if they don’t follow the proper health and safety regulations by reviewing footage of their personnel frequently. 


Leverage your restaurant’s position with insurance companies

Numerous North American insurance companies offer bar and restaurant owners various financial incentives for installing surveillance systems within their establishments. Through comprehensive CCTV footage that can be used in case vandalism occurs or an unfortunate fire occurs, your business can be protected from financial losses. 

Security solutions also provide evidence for things like harassment and lawsuits if, or when the moment comes. With real-time security footage, you can access our restaurant’s operations from anywhere and anytime, reducing the chances of false alarms and providing you with general peace of mind. 


Here’s a tip – security cameras are a must in your restaurant!

Your top priority as a restaurant owner or manager is to always give your customers an elite dining experience. Equip you and your staff to make your restaurant the safest premise possible, while continually providing superior customer service to all your diners. 

Integrated security solutions give you the benefit of:

  • Monitoring long-term patron traffic flows and managing customer waiting times
  • Ensure safe food handling practices are being enforced 
  • Manage any internal theft
  • Patrons can dine with complete ease knowing that your restaurant has 24/7 surveillance at all times
  • Can hold all employees accountable and manage internal operations with confidence


We proudly customize our security solutions to your food establishment requirements

Integrated security solutions are a powerful tool in helping you run your restaurants in a highly safe and operational manner. From documenting food safety to tracking employee efficiency to deterring any illegal instances, pairing up with our team of experts can help you safeguard your assets each and every single day.

Book your appointment today and find out how we always put your safety first!