• January 21, 2022
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Surveillance monitoring and integrated security solutions are important assets to utilize in a healthcare environment. For medical staff in hospitals, security is a top priority for those in charge of managing the building because of the presence of sensitive medical records, valuable equipment, and vulnerable patients. The need for facility security services helps keep both staff working in the property and patients protected from external forces. Integrated security solutions can be a complicated task to implement for a hospital, but our team at Colossus Security can make the transition smooth while providing the highest security standards.  

We help provide hospitals with integrated security services for healthcare properties to keep them safely secured and monitored. We’ll go over why security surveillance is especially important in a healthcare setting, the purpose of real-time monitoring and how our integrated security team can help you improve your hospital’s daily operations. 


Why Is Security Surveillance Important In A Healthcare Environment?

Security surveillance is important in a healthcare facility because it makes your patients feel at home during their stay. Since they’re vulnerable and trusting you with their care, hospital security can reduce liability through methods such as restricted access to specific areas, CCTV cameras to monitor the situation, or intercoms to communicate between teams. It also maintains the integrity of your hospital because you’ll be responsible for safeguarding confidential medical records, prescription drugs, and your patients. 

As such, adopt a situational approach to maintaining your integrated security surveillance system in your hospital. For example, you may want to consider adding more CCTV cameras, keycard slots, or intercoms in frequently used spaces such as lobbies, hallways, or waiting rooms. Think about addressing potential security risks in an area and the traffic flow towards a secure site. In addition, improve outdoor security and site management to combat low-level threats or vandalism. 

Security surveillance in a hospital is crucial to your day-to-day operations and can be accomplished by implementing real time monitoring systems. We’ll go over the purpose of adopting such a system to provide added security measures for your healthcare facility. 


What Is The Purpose Of Real-Time Monitoring in a Healthcare Environment?

When you integrate our security system in your healthcare environment, we use real time monitoring technology to help you keep track of important areas and buildings nearby. With our CCTV cameras, you’ll be able to see everything at once to make sure areas are in order such as different floor areas, buildings, and parking spaces. If something does arise, you’ll be able to see it happen in real-time and notify your security team immediately. As a result, suspicious incidents and emergencies can be kept to a minimum. 

Working in conjunction with real-time monitoring is the security surveillance’s ability to provide access control. This can help hospitals keep unauthorized visitors out and can be integrated with our provided visitor management system to keep track of them. If an unauthorized person breaks into medical records rooms, medication rooms, surgery floors, or research areas, you’ll be altered quickly with our combined camera and alarm system. Afterwards, the surveillance system can easily allow you to seal all entrances, exits, elevators, and doorways if your hospital security is breached. 

With our integrated security surveillance system, all operations like real-time monitoring become centralized with the features we’ve described and the equipment will work together seamlessly. Things become more efficient and easier to operate and manage, leading to an improved security system everyone can benefit from. 

Surveillance systems can always be improved to enhance the experience of staff and patients. With an integrated security system in place, however, you give everyone involved the confidence that they’ll be able to use the hospital safely and securely. 


How Can Colossus Security Improve The Daily Operations Of Hospitals Using Integrated Security Surveillance?

Our team at Colossus Security is fully dedicated to providing your healthcare environment with exceptional integrated security systems. We take into account the unique needs of our clients to help improve the daily operations of different hospitals. Safety and security are our top priority and we provide many meaningful solutions such as CCTVs, access control integration, and reliable real-time monitoring.  

If equipment is outdated, we’ll take the step to update it and further improve its remote monitoring and search functions. We’ll also upgrade any antiquated alarm systems to safely alert patients, staff, and visitors if something is wrong. With these security measures in place, you can be reassured that you’ll be able to keep business running as usual. 

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