Physically Integrated Security Solutions To Adapt in 2022
  • February 14, 2022
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2022 is proving to be a year where integrated physical security is of utmost importance. It’s a crucial precedent to set to safeguard your commercial facilities and the people inside them. Facility security services can be implemented through several measures such as camera surveillance, crowd control, and smart access control systems. To help you adapt to changing methods in 2022, our dedicated team at Colossus Security will ensure your business has sufficient integrated security systems in place to protect it from trespassers. 

We’re a security company that delivers high-security solutions for different business facilities and their occupants. Tight security and safety are our top priority and our integrated tools such as CCTV cameras and smart access control systems allow only the right people entry. 

To help you understand how to get started, we’ll go over why your business should start adapting to integrated security systems, why it’s important to invest in excellent camera surveillance, and how you can access security footage anywhere. 

The Colossus Security team collectively brings years of valuable experience to the marketplace. We are fully dedicated to delivering the highest standard of security services to each facility and its occupants. With our full focus on consistently providing the best possible security solutions, coupled with our proficient crews, we always put you first.

Why Should My Business Adapt Integrated Security Services for 2022?

Integrated security systems are advanced security technology that encompasses a variety of tools and methods. Some common examples include CCTV video cameras, access control systems, intercoms, intrusion alerts, visitor management desks, and automated perimeter detection. Nowadays, businesses expect high-security standards for access control solutions like these. 

The flexibility of software and security solutions is a demand many businesses want to be met for their facility protection. They want to streamline any unnecessary processes and offer more convenience to the people that access their building each day. To demonstrate, many businesses are combining security guards and special access control systems to remotely allow workers access inside a building, ensuring tough safety and compliance rules. 

Think of adapting integrated security services in a holistic approach if you can. Rather than just hire a security guard watching a CCTV camera, the integrated security systems we provide will offer greater efficiencies and allow for more flexible hybrid security strategies. Afterwards, it can result in long-term savings. 

Integrated security solutions allow security guards to access them when they need them the most. Other access control systems or cameras can be used at less critical times, giving business owners more peace of mind. Although the price tag of security guards can be expensive, our security solutions will help you pivot your security strategy if necessary. We’ll help you explore more technological security solutions that help control access. Security guards will still be needed to guard your facility to give people accessing them more assurance.

Modern security technology and integrated security systems can ultimately be used for more hard grunt work. They’re not to replace security guards, but to work with them to make the job easier. One such objective are security cameras and the extensive surveillance they provide. 

Why Is It Important To Invest In Exceptional Camera Surveillance?

Exceptional CCTV and security camera surveillance can help business owners and guards keep an eye on things. Their technological capabilities are only further evolving in 2022 and beyond, offering facilities more protection than ever before. Here are a few ways in which an investment in them pays off. 

For example, many video surveillance systems allow for two-way video monitors for communication in retail settings. The live surveillance feed allows for trained security personnel to communicate with employees in the case of an incident. This helps ensure safety and security in the perimeter by mitigating as much risk and insecurity as possible. 

Another way in how video cameras have evolved is through the deployment of drones. They become less expensive and perfect for surveillance purposes. We provide tether-powered aerial drones and third-party power tether kits for customers in need of unlimited aerial surveillance, intelligence, and reconnaissance of the perimeter.

One last aspect that makes security cameras and CCTVs useful is video analytics. They’ve already gained traction in optimizing facility space and owners will be able to gain insights into the flow of traffic and key interactions. While they may require powerful servers, the technology will get better with time and you’ll be able to receive the valuable data you need eventually. 

Keeping this in mind, let’s go over how you’ll be able to access security camera footage from just about anywhere with cloud-based security systems. 

How Can I Access Footage Of My Business From Anywhere?

Colossus offers cloud-based security footage from CCTV cameras allowing you to view footage remotely. Cloud-based systems are increasingly being adopted for different security systems and can be integrated into a hybrid deployment model to boost your overall security. They’ll also allow for faster video data sharing across different departments and add more protection to high-risk locations. 

The integrated security services we’ve explored today can all be implemented for your facility as soon as possible. Contact Colossus Security today to learn more about the many security solutions we offer for businesses like yours!