Unique Pharmaceutical Safety and Security Solutions

A pharmaceutical company requires protection of its assets, regardless of where they are. Whether you are transporting supplies, manufacturing them, or keeping them in storage, you need to keep your drugs under secure lock and key. Colossus helps you identify your vulnerabilities and remedy them so you are protected against theft, sabotage, and intellectual property theft.

Here at Colossus, we want to ensure the overall safety of your pharmaceuticals, wherever they may be. We offer a wide range of security and safety services and devices. Among the many priorities on our list is a working fire and disaster protection system as well as high-tech access control for far more effective protection against unauthorized access to buildings and digital data.

Here’s What

Colossus Can Do for You

  • Provides experienced assessment teams and technicians
  • Installs physical access control systems
  • Digital access control methods
  • Temperature monitoring and control systems
  • Video monitoring
  • Fire detection and protection
  • Transportation safety systems
  • Intrusion detection and alarms

How Does Your Pharmaceutical Company Benefit?

  • Detailed, custom assessment of your unique situation
  • Prevention of unauthorized access to production and labs to prevent sabotage
  • Access restriction for hackers and unauthorized network access – prevents espionage
  • Control the climate in cold rooms and culture storage areas
  • 24/7 surveillance and recording
  • Protection against fires and explosions
  • Tracking and protection for your goods in transit
  • Protection against burglars and saboteurs

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