Integrated Systems


Live 24-hour monitoring service on its own can provide acceptable protection for low-risk facilities, but in combination with additional security subsystems such as CCTV or Access Control, it forms a total security package.

The modern intrusion systems we offer include additional features, including sending event notifications directly to your cell phone or tablet – constantly keeping you up to date and allowing remote management of the security system.

Intrusion detection systems

from Colossus include:

  • Perimeter and Interior Detection
  • Mobile alerts
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Remote management options
  • Centralized alarm control/management

No emergency manuals to consult

Colossus currently provides monitoring from 6 stations that are linked together continuously. Any incoming signal or phone call can be answered at any of the 6 stations any time. The architecture of the nationwide network is unique. Unlike other monitoring companies, this continuous link permits operators working is “sister” stations to help out staff in your primary station during high-traffic times.

Should any one station experience a crisis resulting in an inability to handle alarm calls, operators in other stations automatically jump in to help. There are no switches to flip – no emergency manuals to consult. It just happens!

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