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  • August 6, 2021
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The security of staff, guests and anyone that enters a hotel is vital to the hospitality industry, making integrated security solutions a valuable asset. Colossus Security provides exceptional hospitality security services across the GTA that can provide maximum levels of security and adds surveillance across all hospitality perimeters. 

The growing demand for advanced technology solutions within the segment of this hospitality industry is in high demand, and our security company in Ontario will deliver the exact solutions you need for a successful daily operation. Our approach ideally layers systems like CCTV, access control, intrusion, intercoms, and more; into one account, building a highly versatile integrated security system that brings you the best of a diverse range of strategies and techniques.

Enrich your hotel environment and invest in exceptional security solutions! 


Security systems improve staff productivity

Our security services company in Ontario provides your hotel with automation systems including intrusion alarms, video surveillance systems, access control and 24/7 perimeter detection. Integrated security systems add great value to the hospitality industry while protecting the profitability of your business.

Businesses that utilize security systems have seen improved productivity in their staff and all members of personnel. The systems can serve as verification of the location of the employees at all times while monitoring their tasks and their customer service.


Enhanced patron and guest safety 

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, with the focus becoming greater on enhanced user participation and the ability to give all patrons a fantastic experience. Efforts to maintain the safety and security of all individuals, including customers and personnel, are of the utmost importance. Additionally, implementing strong security measures can help monitor traffic flows and examine areas without any visibility, further minimizing any potential risks.

Comprehensive security solutions can prevent and provide investigative support while reducing the chances of any suspicious activity. Colossus Security can further enhance your hotel premises using advanced technologies such as:

  • Video analytics
  • 360-degree cameras
  • Perimeter detection
  • CCTV
  • Live 24-hour monitoring intrusion detection


Increased profitability and stronger loyalty to your business

The level of security in the hospitality industry must be held in the highest regard, as patrons from around the world are trusting your hotel with the safety of their items and the physical safety of themselves. We provide our hard-working hospitality clients with security systems that further advance their levels of security measures that include keyless entries for guests and personnel and remote video surveillance for recreation areas and parking lots. 

Hotels and resorts can use advanced integrated security solutions to better serve guests in order to deliver exceptional service. Your hotel can be credible and build long-term rapport with clients that can translate into returning loyal customers. Additionally, security solutions enhance the profitability of your business through:

  • Ensuring repeat business, whether it’s a one-night staycation or a week-long get-away
  • Increased revenue streams
  • A successful sustained business model
  • A higher likelihood of patrons choosing your hotel over your competitors


The clear focus of the hospitality industry is integrated security solutions

Hotels are always striving to deliver exceptional customer service while balancing the safety and security of all guests, employees and visitors with a warm and welcoming environment. Integrated security solutions have come a long way since the last two decades, with advanced technology solutions helping to mitigate several types of threats, ranging from fraud and theft, and offering a proactive response to any suspicious activities.

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