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  • January 19, 2021
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The best Perimeter Detection Security services help you take a proactive approach to prevent cases of burglary, intrusion and trespassing. 

Colossus provides high-end commercial surveillance cameras in Ontario that will help protect your facility, building, commercial property, and large infrastructures against potential threats. Additionally, we expertly offer drone and drone detection, integrated systems and DYI systems.

Security breaches and progressive crime infiltration technology is advancing, but there is no need to be alarmed; our advanced complex security solutions will ensure that your premises are secure. Along with being a deterrent to potential criminal activity, Perimeter Detection Security increases employee communication, heightens response time in case of an emergency, and provides a 24-hour monitoring capability.

We are dedicated to securing the infrastructure of your building while protecting the wellbeing of your employees.


What is an Integrated Security System?

Integrated security systems restrict access and aim to deter unwanted visitors and trespassers. These systems use advanced technology to protect the physical space of a site and detect potential infiltration. 

Here are some of the progressive Integrated Security Systems that we offer:

Access Control
Whether you own a relatively small business or a larger corporation, access control grants you site protection against intruders trespassing in different areas of your premise. Our skilled security technicians will install state-of-the-art systems that enable you to oversee all the areas of your facility, control who can access your network systems and zoom into physical sectors at any given time.

Closely-monitored CCTV technology will enable you to deter unwanted intruders from scouting your premises. Video surveillance is imperative in case your business has fallen victim to an attack and will further identify the criminals. 

Intercom adds a personal touch to your business by connecting with your clients through voice-activated interaction. Further, Intercom allows you to connect with other employees in your building or facility to quickly address questions, stop intruders and voice concerns. 

➠  24-hour monitoring can give you the advantage of keeping your facility protected at all times. Colossus even sends you direct notifications to your cellphone or tablet to alert you of any suspicious activity.

Perimeter Detection
Perimeter fencing primarily used to protect larger institutions such as schools, airports, military bases, and commercial and residential properties against unwelcomed trespassers. We provide cutting-edge hardware and fencing solutions, beam detection systems and buried cable detection systems to ensure that your property is protected.

Visitor Management
Colossus offers you a competitive edge amongst your competitors by enhancing the visitor experience. While most institutions have the traditional pen and paper way of signing in guests, we offer a digital address book to help you keep track of your patrons. Easy to navigate, our visitor management system will help you and your visitors have a positive experience.


How Does Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Work?

A holistic physical approach to system security enables a premise to continue working in an uninterrupted environment. Perimeter Detection Systems are the first lines of defence against burglars and thieves that can compromise the reputation of your business. Not only can they protect the integrity of your business, but they can safeguard your valuable assets inside the premises.

Using a variety of detection sensors installed within the area, Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems prevent intrusions before they happen. Using accurate video surveillance and CCTV, an alarm is sent to the manager and owner of the building/facility letting them know that there is a potential break-in.


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