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As a property manager, you’re subject to many risks to your property. The amount of risk your property is subject to is dependent on your location and other factors. The common risks include loitering, vandalism, violence, and theft. There are more as well, and some of these can be very serious indeed. The only way to know your risks is to have an assessment done.

Colossus Security has a team of experienced risk assessment consultants who can analyze your property and identify the threats to the safety of your tenants, employees, and the general public. We can identify your level of risk, possible types, and then formulate a security plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

We provide the best-in-class security devices and solutions for property managers. These solutions are built for your property, whether it is residential, commercial, or even industrial. Our security agency is a leader in security and safety devices for property management. Get in touch with us to start your property assessment now.

What We Offer to

Property Managers Everywhere

  • Experienced analysts and consultants
  • High-tech CCTV systems
  • Fire safety and detection
  • Burglar alarms and intrusion detection
  • Visitor access and management
  • Internal access control systems
  • Intercom
  • Remote management options
  • Technical support services

What Your Property Gains from Our Custom Security Solutions

  • In-depth risk assessment and planning
  • Round-the-clock video footage recording and monitoring
  • Improved tenant safety from fires
  • Better burglar protection and external intrusion prevention
  • Easier visitor management and access control
  • Ability to limit tenants to their own sections
  • Better internal security coordination
  • Better tenant-to-outside communication
  • Ability to set off alarms and monitor footage remotely

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