• July 6, 2021
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In 2019, there were approximately 100,000 flights per day including commercial and trade journeys. 

Almost 3.5% of the global economy relies on aviation. It’s time to maximize airport security and enhance public and personnel safety with exceptional security integration systems.


Soar to new security heights with the latest security technology

Today, data-driven and integrated security systems have enabled airports to address their security surveillance challenges through accelerated video investigations, extended situational awareness and deriving operational intelligence from video data. Colossus Security provides security services for airports in Ontario and the United States that can effectively manage traffic and plan ahead for high traffic situations. 

Our security integration company in Ontario will help daily airport protocols and minimize the risks for all staff and personnel. To remain competitive and effective, airports must implement cutting-edge technology solutions that include CCTV, perimeter detection and 24/7 surveillance. Colossus Security can help you optimize daily operations and enhance staff and individual safety.


Five reasons to implements strong security measures in an airport setting

Video surveillance is constantly improving, and in 2021, commercial premises need to implement all-encompassing safety measures. We will help you suffice the safety regulation guidelines while advising you on the best safety measures that will work for your airport premises.

Video analytics solutions make video data easier to investigate, as well as recognize trends and patterns, and detect suspicious behaviour. Here is why installing integrated security solutions can prove to have many advantages:

  • Streamlines traffic. Having a clear and deep understanding of the traffic flow is important in managing the daily operations of the airport. Integrated security systems allow surveillance from parking lot premises to the check-in lobbies to the flight gates. 
  • Enhanced floor plan optimization. Airports can utilize video data to determine the best layout for floor plans by helping vendors and sellers inside the premise to maximize their sales. Understanding where individuals gravitate towards and understanding location configurations can be an advantageous element to those working on-premise.
  • Efficient flight scheduling. With proactive traffic data and regulating data patterns, airports can assign flights based on their likelihood of delay or cancellations, so that flyers with extended layovers can easily access all the airport amenities. 
  • Accelerated response to suspicious activity. While no security implementation can prevent suspicious activity, exceptional integrated security solutions will help minimize the impact of unforeseen events through traffic analysis. Through 24/7 video surveillance, illegal activity will be diminished and can further serve as a call to action in an event where the activity is set in motion.
  • Pinpoints hotspots. In an airport, there are bound to be hidden corners and hotspots that can be a target for suspicious activity. Integrated security solutions can respond proactively to an influx of crowds and position staff and personnel accordingly so that there are no blind spots.


Flying to New Heights with Airport Integrated Security Solutions

Video analytics are constantly improving with public safety in mind. Colossus Security will work with you to customize your security needs to continuously enhance safety, security and productivity, extending the value of integrated security solutions and ensuring safe airport operations. 

Book a consultation with one of our integrated security experts and implement exceptional security measures on your airport premise!