• May 18, 2020
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S2 Magic Monitor®

Unified security management


Everything you need, all in one stunning user interface. S2 Magic Monitor provides an unsurpassed user experience, unifying access control, video surveillance, forensics, digital signage and live Internet feeds.


Solve a wide range of security challenges with S2 Magic Monitor.

Empower your security operations center

Operators focus on critical tasks without becoming overwhelmed. Magic Monitor allows them to handle incidents according to your policies and procedures.

Unify all of your security needs in a single client

Whether you have a single display, a command center workstation or expansive video walls, Magic Monitor allows you to manage access control and video in one place.

Search, review, and catalog video with amazing ease

Quickly locate the evidence you need to address situations more effectively. With Magic Monitor Forensics, recorded video from any camera is at your fingertips.

Direct public response to events and alarms

Video and digital signage appear on Magic Monitor in response to events and alarms, guiding staff and visitors to safety.

Control messaging across your facility

Magic Monitor presents dynamic digital signage, promotional videos and camera feeds in environments ranging from corporate lobbies to campuses to retail.

Enhance situational awareness and operational efficiency

Integrated access control, video and live Internet feeds give you a 360° view of what’s happening. Design the interactive content and layouts you need to create the ideal workflow.

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