Specialized Security for Educational Institutions

In Canada, educational institutions especially at the Grade 12 level and upwards need specialized protection against security threats. There has been a rise in the number of school shootings in recent years, which is one of the main concerns for Colossus.

We also focus on creating an environment where students, staff, and faculty can learn and work together in peace. Our goal is to stop you from having to worry about the safety of the people or the assets in your educational institutions.

Our educational security solutions include many physical components and a few digital ones. Our actual solution is highly customized. We assess your institution and identify the risk factors in it, after which we formulate a recommendation for a security suite to keep your students and personnel safe, secure, and happy.

What Our

Education Security Systems Include

  • Video surveillance systems
  • Public announcements
  • Internal communications
  • Access control systems
  • Mobile security applications
  • Lockdown capabilities
  • Fire protection systems

How Does Your Institution Benefit?

  • Ability to keep “tabs” on all operations on campus from a central location
  • Public announcement capability for emergency notifications
  • Intercom system to coordinate security teams
  • Limiting access to sensitive parts of campus such as records rooms and exam preparation
  • Ability to log into the security system from anywhere on campus
  • Remote lockdown capabilities and warning systems
  • Quick response in case of fire or disasters

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