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  • September 10, 2021
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Whether you are managing a single property, multiple sites or a large complex with various buildings, our property management security services can enhance the safety of your premises 24/7. At Colossus Security, we are fully trained to integrate all your security systems, even across separate locations, to give you the right property management solutions.

Our facility security services in North America have helped thousands of our clients in the property management industry to safeguard their spaces, enhancing resident security one individual at a time. We can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of security threats, requirements and policies to implement the right solutions that are tailored specifically to your needs.


Ensure the safety if your residents, staff and visitors with exceptional security systems!

The property management industry is thriving. However, as a hard-working manager and owner, you understand that running your business premises takes a lot of planned detail. One of your top priorities is to ensure that tenants feel safe on your property, while you are simultaneously boosting overall efficiency amongst all levels of your property management.

Location, level of risk, type and use of the building, assets requiring protection, nature of tenants and hours of operation are just a few of the many variables that create a unique set of security circumstances. Those factors coupled with the escalating risk of theft, loitering, vandalism, terrorism and workplace violence – create a demand for an individualized security systems plan. Whether you are running a building in a residential neighbourhood, multi-family housing, commercial space or a large building, enhancing security is always one of the most important aspects of daily operations. 


Colossus Security provides you with all crime-deterring services!

The presence of video cameras alone can deter potential crime and intruders. Adding permanent surveillance throughout your premises is a long-term solution that can benefit all individuals involved. On top of superior surveillance cameras, we can also provide you with exceptional security systems that include:

  • Access control
  • CCTV
  • Intrusion detection
  • Intercom services
  • Perimeter detection
  • Visitor management


How access control and visitor management will make a difference on your property

Colossus Security offers a large range of integrated security solutions that can help secure your property and even monitor activity after-hours. You can help prevent security breaches and intruders from entering your building with our exceptional security services. We offer advanced biometric systems, keyless entries and radio frequency identification through wireless devices that will give you peace of mind knowing your building is running smoothly.

Access control and visitor management are key systems in deterring crime on your premises. Through accurate tracking of individuals heading in and out of the building, you are able to estimate traffic patterns and set up integrated solutions in more convoluted areas to increase safety. Additionally, in case of any emergency that may occur, you have access to evidence of how the event started and pinpoint the exact reasoning the event has occurred. There are numerous other benefits of implementing access control and visitor management on your residential building which include:

  • No need for traditional keys
  • Protecting front desk staff
  • Tracks who enters and exits the building
  • Deters any unauthorized guests from accessing the property


Are you a property manager or landlord? It’s time to give your premise peak security!

As a property manager or landlord, you want the maximum safety for everyone who resides, works or enters your property. Don’t leave anything to circumstance and employ the best-integrated security solutions in North America. We will properly customize our security systems to your premise while configuring and integrating the right protocols to achieve peak property efficiency.

Book your appointment with one of our specialists today and experience elite security on your residential properties!