Integrated Systems

Visitor Management

Most companies are still using pen and paper to sign in their guests without verifying the information they provided. Additionally, it either consumes receptions time and/or provides a poor visitor experience if there is only a phone with a long and confusing directory to navigate. For businesses requiring more significant levels of security, or a more inviting and pleasant experience for their guests, or would like to maximize employee’s time, allow Colossus Security to deploy an integrated visitor management system.

Our system allows you to:

  • Increase Corporate Security
  • Reduce Operational Cost
  • Allow reception to perform other valuable tasks
  • Save time for Visitors
  • Maintain Visitor Confidentiality
  • Automate your reception area

Hassle-free services and systems

24/7 management and administration provide hassle-free protection services and lobby security systems. Integrated systems can discreetly blend in with your traditional methods of visitor management, enriching your options without taking away from the experience of your guests and clients.

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