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Perimeter Detection

Perimeter fencing is generally used to protect public and private places such as airports, military bases, power stations, construction zones and commercial or residential properties against unauthorized access. Fences alone merely prevent a percentage of intrusions or delay unwanted visitors for a short amount of time.

To provide a higher level of protection Colossus Security offers the most state of the art Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems to provide our clients the advanced knowledge to attend to critical situations faster, all while reducing false positive alarms, additional personnel, and giving greater visibility to the site.

The purpose is to provide more time and more information to properly react to each situation that arises.

We at Colossus provide:

  • Solar-based security fence detection
  • Fiber-based security fence detection
  • Thermal-based detection
  • Photo-electric solutions
  • Outdoor video surveillance and recording
  • Ground-based radar systems
  • Automobile barriers and access systems
  • Card-based and Biometric access

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