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  • February 5, 2021
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Drones are not solely used for consumer services and delivering goods. Drones and Drone Detection Security Systems augment public security measures and enhance business safety protocols through a birds-eye view of the world below. 

Often times, potential attacks and security breaches could have been prevented from drone footage. As an established security company providing high-quality solutions including Hosted Security Solutions , we understand the sense of urgency that can arise from insufficient perimeter protection.

Drones and drone detection systems have vastly improved in the last decade and our drone detection security  helps you add important accessibility to your business, allowing you to see undetected areas on your premises. Colossus Security is dedicated to maximizing the security of your areas by integrating the latest security solution technologies.


Drone and Drone Detection That Enhances Area Surveillance

In partnership with Oasis USA and Hoverfly, we provide a wide range of aerial drones and third-party security-tethering kits to increase high bandwidth communications and dependable actionable intelligence. Additionally, our advanced aerial security solutions include:

➔ Hoverfly drones that are able to fly for continuous days, weeks and months compared to the standards 20-40 minute flight time.
➔ The Hoverfly Ski is approved by the FAA to fly in Class B airspace.
➔ Non-GPS operating ability, enabling our drones to continue providing aerial surveillance at all times
➔ Five-button fully automatic flight control system.
➔ Multiple configurations that allow operations on mobile, fixed and portable devices.


How Can Drones be Used for Security?

The chance of a drone flying around you right now is relatively high. Over the last decade, drones and drone detection systems have drastically increased due to their durability and precision. Drones have the ability to collect aerial footage that might otherwise have not been available from ground level and can reach areas that have been previously inaccessible.

Your worksite safety requires full inspection of potential hazards and intruders on your premises. Drone detection has the ability to carry out necessary investigations without putting your staff at physical risk. 

Organizations are increasing their surveillance through complex drone detection security. Our drones have the ability to patrol the grounds, highlight vulnerable areas of potential attacks and provide situational awareness. Colossus Security is dedicated to enhancing security in every industry, eliminating inconveniences of ground-level human error and utility cost.


Top Industries that are Using Drones and Drone Detection

Drone surveillance is providing a wide variety of industries with state of the art perimeter security and ongoing 24/7 persistence. Here are some industries benefiting from our dependable drone surveillance:

Farming and Agriculture – Drones assist farmers in assessing crops and livestock, as well as creating boundaries and planning wide-scale fencing. Drones allow farmers and ranchers to save on costs and time by reducing man labour.

Marketing and Media – As the demand for video content is accelerating, so do the opportunities of using drones to serve as beneficial marketing tools. Drone technology allows small businesses to create an established brand for their products through rich high-definition footage that can compete with larger corporations.

Police and Correctional Facilities – While the police and correctional staff are patrolling the ground level, drones have the ability to monitor unseen areas. Increasing overall surveillance will decrease the amount of crime rate.

School and Playgrounds – CCTV technology has been amazing in identifying trespassers amongst schools and playgrounds, but it doesn’t serve as preventative measures. Drones have the ability to prevent potential intruders by notifying school administrators of unwelcomed visitors.


24/7 Perimeter Safety | Industry-Leading Drone Detection Security 

Deter from potential attacks and increase staff protection. We are dedicated to ensuring public safety and hold the highest safety standards for your business. 

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