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  • March 8, 2021
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Gone are the days of grainy surveillance footage, and here to stay is high-resolution video imagery!

Hundreds of people require financial services every day, leading to high foot traffic in North American bank branches. Financial institutions rely on video surveillance to monitor spaces within the buildings, observe parking lot traffic and enhance perimeter safety. 

Colossus Security offers exceptional security services for financial facilities in Ontario and the United States to maximize staff security and provide paramount security for customers. 


Why is Security Important for Banks?

Bank branches can enhance their hosted managed security services in Ontario and the United States through high-definition video content solutions to increase security and prevent crime. Integrated security systems will streamline daily operations and improve safety protocols in financial institutions.

We deliver end-to-end security systems that add business value and streamline daily bank operations. We include high-definition video management, access control, intrusion detection, silent alarm notification, thermal imaging and advanced integrated systems to maximize perimeter safety. 

Financial institutions are at risk for physical crimes that include counterfeit bills and cheques, internal employee thefts, burglary, ATM crime and credit card fraud. Banks are vulnerable daily, but Colossus Security provides integrated security solutions that deter crimes, diminish blind spots and increase customer and staff security.

Through the installation of our advanced security systems in financial institutions, banks can obtain full situational awareness while saving time and money that would have gone into extensive manpower for video review.

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What are the Benefits of Integrated Security Solutions for Financial Institutions?

Cutting-edge security technologies provide advanced analytic capabilities to bank sectors to reduce high-risk crime scenarios. Here are some of the ways that Colossus Security is delivering surveillance solutions:

  • Preventing ATM Fraud: An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) has enabled many customers to quickly take out money without having to step foot in a financial building. However, most money-theft happens during an ATM transaction including using counterfeit cards to withdraw money. Advanced video surveillance allows the bank to identify the card skimmer with real-time face recognition. Detecting the suspect in the video can prevent future card fraud attempts to decrease.
  • Motion Detection in Restricted Areas: Increased situational awareness is improved through the use of high-resolution detection cameras. Security personnel can receive an alert and promptly verify if the withdrawal is made by a legitimate employee. If an unauthorized person enters a high-interest area, guards will receive instant alerts even during non-operating business hours.
  • Earn Customer Trust: The presence of advanced security solutions and state-of-the-art camera surveillance boosts customer security. When customers know that they are being watched, they present themselves with their best behaviour, reducing the number of instances of fraud, violence and theft.
  1. Large Storage Capacity: Most banks need to keep bank camera footage for an extended period to monitor traffic patterns and identify and prevent potential suspicious activity. Our security systems hold large storage space to provide you with high-definition recording without having to compromise the length of recording.
  • Evidence for Criminal Investigations: There will be unfortunate times when bank robberies and crimes will occur, but the good news is that instances can be solved with video footage. High-quality images are used to identify the culprit and track them down.


Ensure Your Financial Institutions Have the Highest Security Levels | Security Services for Banks in Ontario 

Financial institutions require cutting-edge integrated security solutions to provide the highest level of protection for staff and customers. The physical security of surveillance can immediately add an extra layer of protection for banks and various financial institutions, and deter potential crime and theft.

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