Ultra-safe Financial Security Solutions from Colossus Security

Whether you’re in retail banking, investment, or even a credit institution, you’re bound to have a single overarching goal – security. Keeping the personal information and finances of your customers is the most important thing for your firm or bank. There are many ways in which this information can come under attack. Both physical and digital threats manifest themselves on a daily basis.

Here at Colossus Security, we want to help you fight back against the rising tide of security threats, whether physical or virtual. We can help protect your brick-and-mortar buildings as well as your information systems. Our security solutions keep you safe from intruders, hackers, unauthorized internal access, and theft.

Our security systems don’t just keep you safe – they also boost your operational efficiency and improve your standing with your customer base. This leads to major improvements in your bottom line as you become the more popular choice for financing and money matters when compared to your competition.

Here’s What

Colossus Brings to the Table

  • Professional consultants and security advisors
  • Centralized security solution and management
  • IP CCTV surveillance systems
  • Advanced access control technology
  • Panic buttons and silent alarms
  • Remote access to security system

What Benefits Can Your Financial Institution Enjoy?

  • Accurate, in-depth security risk assessment and recommendations
  • Full control over your entire security system and all subsystems
  • 24/7 video surveillance and monitoring with recorded footage
  • Ability to limit access to certain parts of your buildings to authorized employees
  • Employees can trigger silent alarms and panic buttons without risk to life
  • Ability to control your security from a remote location during emergencies

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