• September 3, 2020
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TORRANCE, Cali. – Security management solutions provider AMAG Technology Inc. has announced the integration of its Symmetry Access Control v9.1 software with Suprema Inc.’s BioLite N2 and BioEntry P2 Biometric readers.

AMAG says the integration allows Symmetry users to gain biometric access to a door using their fingerprint and a credential. Suprema is a long-time member of AMAG’s Symmetry Preferred Partner Program. Both AMAG and Suprema have tested and certified the integration.

“The Symmetry Access Control integration with Suprema’s biometric readers provides a powerful, yet flexible security option for our customers who demand multi-factor authentication security for highly secure areas such as data centers,” said AMAG Technology, vice-president of products and partner programs, Jason Schimpf, in a prepared statement. “We are pleased to continue our long and successful relationship with Suprema and are excited to provide our customers with a reliable biometric option for their security needs.”

“Our partnership with AMAG and integration with Symmetry provides customers with a dependable and fast biometric reader that can operate in any environment,” said Suprema, managing director, Hanchul Kim, also in a statement. “Our fast fingerprint matching provides a quick response for users, and customers will benefit from the two or three factor authentication available to them.”

When integrated with Symmetry Access Control software, the Suprema readers provide end users with several options for access. In high-security environments, organizations can implement card+PIN+biometric to obtain access. In areas where a biometric is not needed, card+PIN is an option.

AMAG says biometric enrollment of Symmetry cardholders is performed within the Symmetry Access Control interface. The user can store the enrolled biometric templates in the Symmetry database or on the card. When the fingerprint is stored on the card, all authentication is performed at the reader, decreasing network traffic while delivering a more efficient system. The reader will operate if the connection to the server fails.

Sourced from: https://www.sptnews.ca/headlines/5937-amag-technology-and-suprema-partner-on-biometric-access-control 

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