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Government / Correctional Facilities
Specialized Government/Correctional Security Systems
Specialized Government/Correctional Security Systems


Whether in a government building or a correctional facility, security is of paramount importance. There is a need for access control, alarm systems, and much more. Any government building, including courthouses and city halls, are potential targets for threats that are of a much higher risk factor than the typical burglar.

Colossus Security understands the need for special, high-end security systems for correctional facilities and government buildings. We provide all manner of safety and security systems for government projects, including panic buttons, fire safety systems, and alarm systems. Whether you’re a local, regional, or provincial government agency, or even a penitentiary/correctional facility, you’re safe with Colossus. 

How Does Colossus Keep Government Facilities Safe?
  • CCTV systems
  • Physical access control systems
  • Electronic/digital access control
  • Fire safety systems
  • Panic buttons and devices
  • Alarms (silent and loud)
  • Connectivity to local authorities
  • Specialized ops centers
  • External intrusion detection systems
  • Internal breakout detection systems
  • Public announcement systems
  • Lockdown functionality
  • Wireless door locks with remote access
How Does Your Government Building Benefit from This?
How Does Your Government Building Benefit from This?
  • Live monitoring and recording of footage 24/7
  • Prevention of unauthorized access to sections of buildings
  • Prevention of hacking and internal data theft
  • Improved employee and inmate safety from fires
  • Ability to initiate lockdowns and issue alerts with a single button
  • Ability to silently alert local PD, SWAT, and emergency services
  • Remote operations center for safer surveillance during riots etc.
  • Prevention of prisoner escape from prisons
  • Protection against external infiltration
  • Control door locks in prisons remotely