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Company Profile

About Us
About Us

Colossus Security Inc. provides a team of qualified security professionals that carry years of expertise to every interaction with our end-users. 

We understand the responsibility we undertake protecting your assets and maintaining the day-to-day operation of your business, and we take this responsibility seriously.


We put full effort into advancing our technological capabilities and combined security knowledge in order to provide a complete solution for extending the profitability of your investments. 

Your organization is only in peak shape when investments and personnel are both well-protected.

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

At Colossus our primary goal is to provide you with the power to better your facility and make your life easier.  

How we do this is simple, we Consult, Conceptualize, and Customize each solution to provide ComfortConvenience and Control to you and your users. 

To ensure the utmost client satisfaction we follow these simple yet powerful priciples in everything we do.


Doing good is good business, which means profit is not the end goal but a result of doing great work. 


Deliver the WOW
We personalize our service by doing the unexpected and always adding the “and”.  We anticipate needs and wants of all parties involved. We will always under promise and over deliver. 


We always systematically seek to achieve small, incremental changes in processes to improve efficiency and quality. 


Being positive, progressing forward, and thoroughly enjoying what we do. 

Our Mission
Our Mission

Colossus Security is passionate about providing convenient personalized security solutions to help meet client’s diverse needs.

Our years of extensive experience provides the guidance necessary to simplify complex implementation processes. 

Our service satisfaction is governed by our core values. We are very forthcoming with our clients and are always prepared to answer inquiries.  

Our Team

Jarrod Budd

A very competent leader and veteran in electronic physical security. Jarrod set goals and aspirations for his company that others thought unattainable, yet all the metrics were achieved, and all the projects were completed on time.  Jarrod has capitalized on his focus with manufacturer relationships and his ability to pull multiple vendors in to provide a completely customized and unique solution for his clients. 

Always working under the principle that the client comes first above everything else has enabled him to provide unique solutions for trusting clients in the Aviation, Municipal, Manufacturing, and Property Management Verticals, and empowers his team to ensure the client's needs and deadlines are always met. Jarrod is also a proud member of ASIS and CANASA Jarrod continually educates himself current technologies and market trends.




Memberships & Affiliations
Memberships & Affiliations


  • ASIS
  • Canasa
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